The hands-on battle of Guardians of the Galaxy requires more than 12% planning

Action is on MiracleGuardians of the Galaxy It is not necessarily a battle based on squad or team tactics, but players must follow the order of battle, especially for large-scale positioning battles. If you know what Eidos-Montreal thinks of Marvel’s adventure drama at the end of October, remember this: make a plan, and make choices to advance it. You won’t get out of trouble just by telling the Rockets to blow everything up.

This is because the Guardian will cause two types of damage: regular damage and interlocking damage. Staggered damage is what really destroys the enemy’s defense (or reduces their health). It’s frustrating to see that your four teammates did not cause any kind of damage without your instructions, and they could barely transfer a team of mind-controlled Rising Stars Corps to focus all their firepower on Peter Quill/Star With Jue, you only pass the game.

But in hindsight, I realized what the damage of differentiation and the need to deliberately involve your associates Guardians of the Galaxy Legitimate team game. Without this, I think I would run around like a star, using Kamora, Drax, and Groot as special attack weapons, instead of treating them as teammates, let alone treating them as roles and alliances. Starring.

Photo: Eidos-Montreal/Square Enix

exist Guardians of the Galaxy, There is no rotation between the playable characters, just like the other hero ensemble of Square Enix, Marvel Avengers, Launched a year ago.This might strike guardian The fans are a bit counter-intuitive, because this game involves fewer teammates, and according to the norms, they are more like an unsocial egalitarian team than a main hero with four assistants.

Jean-Francois Dugas, the senior creative director of Eidos-Montreal games, told me after experiencing the game firsthand: “We want to provide unexpected things, and at the same time use this emotion, the guardian Feeling.” Last week.

“If it’s not saying’I’m following the guardian’s story,’ but I am actually a member of the guardian, and in fact I want to interact, participate in it, become part of the action, and become engaged,” Dugas Reasoning. “Yes, if we are Peter, the so-called leader, that means you have to make some decisions. But the guardians are very active, they may do unpredictable things, forcing you as a player To adapt.”

Eidos-Montreal provides game media with approximately 90 minutes of mid-game content for them to explore in hands-on activities. Due to the lack of an introductory tutorial at the beginning of the game (we saw a series of videos), battles and even some simple puzzle solutions were solved through a lot of trial and error. Quill’s four teammates were guided through the pop-up wheel summoned by pressing the bumper button. For example, this is how you tell Drax to insert two knives into a tank-like enemy. But this is also how you tell Rocket to fix an unstable blast door that cannot be opened during an exploratory episode between battles.

Once, the Rockets refused to help, so I rode a bike among the other Guardians, and they all shrugged. Solution: Ask the Rockets again. Since I am not familiar with the Guardian’s wheel, I did not see his icon still lit, which means there is still a dialogue option available. I spent at least 10 minutes running around the room looking for the missing clues until another player told me what to do.

Peter's powerful knee blow made a Centurion of the Rising Star Legion retreat

Photo: Eidos-Montreal/Square Enix

In the battle after this, the dialogue choice means the difference between grabbing an enemy suddenly or facing an advance team that is aware of your existence. In this or any other dialogue sequence, it is not obvious what the “right” choice is, and I find it quite refreshing. Not holding hands means that these will be my own moments-and have their complications and difficulties.

However, the difficulty will soar-players who have been familiar with combat from the beginning of the game and have more time (especially Peter’s melee attack and the use of rocket boots for evasion) may not face it. But in the hangar bay of Nova Corps Outpost Rock, I learned some hard truths about effective combat in this game. First of all, don’t bother to hide Peter; it is destructible, and there is little benefit in firing with it, because his elemental gun is usually in the low-damage range. Secondly, when you see any type of button prompt appear on the screen, please use it. This usually happens when the camera is panning on a barrel or hanging mechanism. Click the button to invite Drax to throw the barrel, or invite Gamora to cut the cable and crush anyone in the way.

Otherwise, the progress of running and shooting is maddening. All enemies must be staggered because they usually have active defenses to repel standard attacks. Make a plan to remove it, then approach and discard them permanently. Of course, your allies’ attacks have a variable length of cooldown. When you only have Groot’s trapping ability, you will truly understand the consequences of sending spam to everyone’s haymaker attacks without a follow-up plan. .

Guardians check the Nova Corps combat uniform at the pit lane

Photo: Eidos-Montreal/Square Enix

Now, about the discussion: when Square Enix showed it in the company’s E3 2021 demo, perhaps you have noticed this trend-changing game mechanic. On the surface, it does sound silly. When the breaks beat boys, girls…and, uh, trees, Peter pulled everyone aside for an inspiring conversation. How this happens when bad guys shoot you with grenades and lasers has never really made sense; it seems to happen somewhere in Peter’s psychology.

Players must listen to their friends’ complaints, pay attention to the words they use (highlighted in the air behind them) and choose responses that satisfy these questions to inspire their enthusiasm. Choosing the right person will give everyone a damage buff; the wrong one will only give Peter a damage buff. Peter will then play it on his Walkman, and you will get a hit from the 1980s that matches everything he says.

Of course, this is a clumsy application of the Guardian’s special: the power of out-of-fit unity and the miracle of one hit is stronger than any single superpower. But when we go back to Patty Smyth’s Powerful lead singer in Scandal’s “The Warrior”. (Second pass selection “Hangin’ Tough” by New Kids on the Block Obviously not so justice. )

“[Jean-Francois] There was a vision for huddle early in the development,” Senior Game Director Patrick Fortier told me. “This is Peter calling the team, like a real football-style party…even if it is interrupted… …. It created this moment of tension, and it was this moment that Peter could claim to be the so-called leader. This is not just to speak out, but to create a mechanism that may make you feel that as a player, then it has a very good gameplay. “

Most importantly, everyone’s health will be squeezed together to supplement, which makes this a valuable exemption until you are truly defeated. I have been using it because it is available and think this is what I should do. When multiple guards are knocked down (they can be resurrected, but your head may be kicked by karate in doing so), no matter whether everyone gets the damage buff or not, they will be wobbly when crowded together.

Four helmeted centurions in the Rising Star Legion side by side

Photo: Eidos-Montreal/Square Enix

All these actions and battles are a richly illustrated and well-written storyline and dialogue, players can explore to any depth they are satisfied with.Completer and Guardians of the Great Galaxy Fans may spend a lot of time rooting in Milan, violating the privacy of their teammates, and asking them for amulets and souvenirs. But those who are not so committed to the legend can get rid of these dialogue options without feeling that they have missed it.

This leaves room for relaxed role-playing in the structure of more action-adventure narratives. (Guardians of the Galaxy There is indeed a limited production system and privilege matrix to expand the capacity of the team as the story progresses. ) For example, when the team is paying a fine to the Rising Stars Corps on the way to the rock, Peter catches Camora on the bridge, concentrating on her guilty pleasure: collecting dolls.

The game offers the option of leaving Camora alone or spying on her hobbies. Although the game has been focusing on your dialogue and other choices, we were told that I did not feel any of them affected the story or the relationship of the characters. This is just a way to track the character of Peter Quill, as you can see, and will play him.

Some technical difficulties meant that I did not get the tutorial video before the first play.I checked them after the first attempt, and now, I found that even with a gang of five people, there is no battle that can be attributed to brute force or equipment, I found Guardians of the Galaxy Grow in me and challenge my ability to plan and execute. The clips I played were full of intrigue and sense of humor, so that I didn’t feel like the game was shuttle me from one set ball to another.

Guardians of the Galaxy Launched on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X on October 26.