The Haunting returns to “Call of Duty Warzone” today, introducing “Scream”, Donnie Darko, etc.

Call of Duty’s now annual Halloween celebration The Haunting will return to avenge both Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with Call of Duty: War Zone Starting this week-it brings more guest appearances in the movie.

We have seen in the game the action heroes Rambo and John McLean in the 80s, as well as the skin faces and saws from last year’s Halloween event-it seems that Activision is also eager to introduce more movie references this time.

You can check out the video below to see how Ghostface and Frank the Rabbit look in the game, and then continue reading below to learn more about the ins and outs of this year’s terrorist activity.

From today, the ghost will be held in Verdansk (October 19th) to November 2nd. To commemorate this event, the theater map will be darkened, and ghosts will appear in limited-time events throughout Halloween.

The event is called the ghost of Verdansk, the “spiritual successor” of last year’s zombie battle royale mode, and you will see “against human and non-human threats.” During this event, you can also choose to play as a ghost. Try not to let the ectoplasm block your gun.

“This mode is unique and manages your fear level by playing well and staying in the Holy Land, lest your commander succumb to the darkness,” the description said. It sounds like it will make you more aware of zone rejection than regular games.

Starting today, there will be two sets of nine challenges to complete (the theater and the Black Ops Cold War each have one set of challenges). Completing all of these will bring you 19 items, including LAPA SMG (if you complete all challenges in any branch).

In Black Ops Cold War, you can enjoy new limited-time modes, such as infection, prop hunting Halloween and Screaming Deathmatch, and we will also get a new Halloween outbreak challenge.

If you want to play Ghostface from Scream, you will have to buy operators in bundles. Here are its contents:

  • New operator: Grimacing (screaming)
  • Weapon Blueprint: Ghost Blade (Knife), 2x unknown
  • Finishing touch: Violent ending
  • Weapon charm: cordless phone
  • Wrist accessories: Terrible time
  • Animated calling cards and badges

There is also a Frank Bunny skin pack, but this is just an operator skin for Baker-not a brand new character.

The Halloween event went live in the form of a series of lawsuits, controversial settlements and requests to join the union dog Activision Blizzard, and questioned the company’s future as an industry leader.