The Holocaust enters Fortnite’s new season

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 8 is the total package, just like the previous large-scale event. The new map-based content will make the Battle Royale loop more interesting for casual players and competitive players alike. However, the unlockable battle pass is a real reward this season. There are a lot of original skins and another Marvel crossover work. Fortnite is no stranger to comic book-based cosmetics, as popular heroes like Wolverine and Thor have recently appeared on the island. This time, the famous villain from the Spider-Man universe is falling off the party bus: the carnage.

Chapter 2: Season 8, also called “Cube”, is about nominal alien objects that crashed on the island.The Rubik’s Cube has been spreading corruption throughout the landscape, eventually forming a dark portal, teleporting the player to an alternative realm called “Sideways” – Think upside-down from Strange things, But there are hordes of zombie-like monsters. In Sideways, you will fight off the waves with your team to obtain special crafting materials and weapons. The gravity is very low and you cannot build any structure, so you need to control your movements and aim for survival. In addition, the monster parts left after the smoke dissipates can be used to upgrade your equipment. The task of the players remaining on the island is to build a turret station to fight the tyranny of the Rubik’s Cube.

Battle Pass skins range from stylish assassins to anthropomorphic characters such as JB Chimpanski (ape in a space suit) and Fabio Sparklemane, a pink bipedal horse. Of course, the carnage may be the most exciting addition, it uses a terrible design that can bring justice to super villains. The Fortnite news account iFireMonkey also released a hidden skin.

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 8 is released today. Are you excited to run around the island as Carnage? Who or what could that unrevealed skin be? Speak your thoughts in the comments section!