The host of the Wizarding show promises to build deeper relationships and more bards in season 2

This year’s wizard looks quite bright The Witcher Season 2 Landed on Netflix in December. We also have a powerful new trailer today that shows many rough wizarding world monsters and the war that began in the second season. Showrunner Lauren Hissrich conducted a quick Q&A on Twitter today to answer questions about the second season after the trailer was exposed. She gave the answer about a special kind of shyness, a deeper role relationship, and yes, there are even better bard songs.

After immersing in the new trailer, fans immediately discovered some familiar details.Have Quick shot of Thanedd Island, The location of Erituzha School of Magic, most of Ye Nifu’s backstory took place in the first season. We will definitely return to Witch’s Base Camp sometime in Season 2.