The in-game image of the cooperative vampire game Redfall has been leaked online

It seems that someone has come into contact with Redfall, or found some of its images and posted them on the Internet.

Picture in the game Red fall Obviously an early version of the game is shown, so it is worth noting that you did not see the finished product.

Looking at the image, it seems that the game will contain some marauder shooting elements, skill trees, ultimate abilities, layered weapons, different characters, and so on.

We won’t post pictures here, but you can Look at them On Twitter and Eagle.

Although in terms of gameplay, we don’t know much about FPS games, but we do know that it happened in a small town called Redfall in Massachusetts, which is being besieged by a group of vampires blocking the sun.

However, these are not typical vampires, because they were created after serious mistakes in scientific experiments, and they are still evolving-some have powerful abilities, some even continue to grow larger.

To be isolated from the world, not only to confront vampires in the game, but also to contend with cultists who worship vampires.

Except for the summer of 2022, the release date for Xbox and PC games has not yet been announced.