The Kardashian-Roblox scandal continues to be messy and stupid

A source close to the Kardashians told BBC The family has denied allegations that it faked the discovery of the Roblox game, which promoted a new Kim Kardashian sex tape in the first episode of its new reality series, The Kardashians.

The incident, reported earlier this week, began when Kim Kardashian’s youngest son, St. West, showed her a game he was playing on a tablet. She looked at it, showed it to her sister, and said in a cutaway, “There was a picture of me crying, and I looked at it and it said something really inappropriate, like, ‘Kim’s new sex tape’ ‘” The clip goes on to show her explaining on the phone that her “crying face” reappears, a game someone made on the Roblox platform to promote sex tapes.

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Roblox Corporation confirmed that it had banned the developer in question, and clarified that no explicit content actually appeared on the platform. “Text references to tapes bypassing our filters were quickly removed and, fortunately, were only visible to a very small number of people on the platform,” it said at the time. “We also quickly took down the experience and banned community developers from participating in the experience.”

Although Kim Jong Un’s “crying face” was impressive, some viewers questioned whether the incident, which took place in September 2021 but didn’t come to light until the premiere of the new drama on April 14, really happened as depicted on the show .

On the one hand, the sheer number makes it unlikely. Roblox Corporation in its most recent shareholder letter Roblox’s Daily Active User (DAU) count –daily– has climbed to 54.7 million, currently there are 11.1 million “experiences”– Roblox term for games – available on the platform. What are the odds that St. West is among the “very few” who stumble upon a game promoting a Kim Kardashian sex tape while filming for the new show is underway?

Aside from the raw data, the event doesn’t seem to match how Roblox actually works.this in-depth post About KUWTK [Keeping Up With the Kardashians] The subreddit claims that Roblox’s automated review process is actually quite effective, and that the word “sextape” or variant spellings are unlikely to circumvent it. Assuming age restrictions are in place, St. West will also be blocked from accessing restricted content.

But the real problem, according to redditor Soundsonz, is that they don’t seem to be in the game at all. “They are [the] Show game thumbnail with title and description,” they wrote. “So how can ‘s*xtape’ bypass the Roblox filter. I’ve even tested if I can upload a game with that word or many re-spellings of that word, and it actually stops the game from being uploaded until I change the title completely. “

That leaves three possibilities, Soundsonz wrote: Someone created and played a game on Saint’s account so he could see and click on it; someone searched hundreds of thousands of lesser-known Roblox games to put it surfaced; or it was just a game that happened to use Kim’s “crying face,” which wasn’t actually related to the sex tape, but was played as such.

Roblox developer Zomebody agreed with this assessment, telling the BBC that “the chance of ‘accidentally’ stumbled upon such a game is remote.”

“The Saints have two possible ways to find such a game,” they said. “Either he or his family actively searched for (or even created) a game like this, or someone else in their peers created it and then shared it directly with the boys.”

A sort of search The KUWTK subreddit shows many other threads sharing a similar situation, questioning the timing and mechanics of the Sacred Discovery game. Still, while neither the Kardashians nor Fulwell 73, the production company behind their new reality show, have commented on the claims, “a source close to the family” denied the scene was fake.

According to the BBC, Kardashian wrote on her Instagram Story that she was “thank you all for watching” the new show. She also referenced the sex tape again in an April 20 tweet to promote the second episode of the series, posting a video where she said “people say there may be more from 20 years ago.”

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Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was originally recorded in 2002 and leaked in 2007; Kardashian eventually settled with adult film company Vivid Entertainment to allow the video to be distributed.

A representative for Roblox declined to comment further.