The Last of Us multiplayer game is happening, but Naughty Dog can’t tell you anything about it

To celebrate Our last day, Naughty Dog provides an update to the mysterious multiplayer mode of the game, even if it does not provide any new information.

in a Blog post, The developer admitted that fans have been asking for any updates on the development of multiplayer mode, but said that no updates will be provided today. The developer explained that it wanted to give the team the time needed to “build their ambitious project.”

Naughty Dog also reiterated that it is officially recruiting for the same multiplayer game project, and recently started talking about it publicly. “When it is ready, we will reveal more!” the developer wrote.

During the development of The Last of Us Part 2, a team inside Naughty Dog is working on the Factions multiplayer mode of the first game. However, as the game approached the finish line, the studio decided to make the single-player story its main focus and had to suspend work on this mode.

Since then, the model has continued to evolve in the background, but it seems that Naughty Dog has only recently begun to increase production. What we know about this game is that it will become an independent multiplayer game.

Recent data mining has uncovered some elements of Battle Royale, as well as some other assets that may hint at some underlying mechanism.

As part of the same celebration on our last day, we saw the HBO show for the first time.