The latest EDGE magazine review score

Every month, the British game magazine EDGE will issue a new issue. Most of the time, these issues are almost nothing worth noting. However, EDGE likes to make a monthly tradition in each issue. Every month, they publish a series of new reviews for the latest video games, including a 10-point rating scale.

Well, the new issue of EDGE #364 was released in October. And, as usual, the question contains a new batch of video game review scores. WarioWare: Get It Together was evaluated, and Nintendo’s latest first-party release received 8 points. The highest scores are Deathloop and Bonfire Peaks. Both games received 9 points. The full list of EDGE magazine reviews this month is as follows.

  • Death cycle – 9
  • Jeter: Far Shore-8
  • Sable – 7
  • Keena: Bridge of the Spirit-6
  • Life is Strange: True Colors-7
  • Rise of the story-8
  • Clever Escape-7
  • Eastward – 7
  • Bonfire Peak – 9
  • Lake – 6
  • WarioWare: Put it together-8
  • Lost in Random-6