The latest Horizon Forbidden West patch fixes it to the point where you’re no longer stuck in the bathroom

Guerrilla Games releases patch 1.12 Horizon Forbidden Westand contains numerous fixes for quests, machines, and multiple other issues.

The development team is working hard to resolve some known issues that this patch won’t fix. These include continued tweaks to reduce visual flickering, inability to trade with Abadund, inability to complete Frostclaw-related quests, progress issues with certain quests, and equipment appearing to be covered by shadows in inventory.

As far as fixed issues go, the most interesting (and probably one of the most frustrating) issues getting stuck in the base bathroom has been fixed. As for quests, you’ll be pinning five main quests, eight side quests, and eight world quests.

Other issues addressed include an issue where Quest Companions would become unresponsive after being hit in combat, fixes applied to weapons, armor and abilities, numerous fixes and updates to UI/UX, multiple crash fixes and more A stream of fixes addresses issues in the game and cutscenes, adds an indicator to show when a braid has been equipped when changing braids, and Aloy will no longer bounce violently for up to 10 seconds when looting items.

Multiple fixes to Aloy’s animations, characters and machines falling out of the world, audio and lighting, improvements to body and facial animations in movies, improvements to NPC animations and NPC props in settlements, you Expect localization and subtitle fixes and improvements, as well as various bug fixes.

you can View full patch notes at the link.