The latest trailer for Little Devil Inside is all sorts of weird and wonderful

You may remember Little devil inside From a previous outing in another game state: The game debuted at Sony’s E3 2020 show, with a mysterious trailer, and did not really reveal too much of the actual premise of the game.

The latest trailer doesn’t really make anything clearer, but at least our strange third-person, 3D action-adventure, role-playing video game for Neostream (yes, it’s a bite).

The new video shows some gameplay; let’s take a look at the world map traversal-the flock can block your way, the NPC can talk to you-and some insiders. There are some lovely visual effects in the game, showing what Unreal Engine can do on PlayStation 5, and some lovely tilt and shift effects, making the whole thing feel like a toy box. The soft lighting and how it works in the ocean, Arctic biomes and deserts are truly impressive.

We briefly introduced the production of mob battles with enemies, as well as some insights into the inner world of travel companions and the little devil.You can learn more about the world map in the game at the following URL PlayStation Blog, The person in charge of the game’s production has a more detailed understanding of how the world will affect you in the game.

“The game is not about upgrading characters as quickly as possible and speeding up browsing all content,” John Choi said in the link. “Therefore, the rhythm of the game is designed to try to touch the emotions of the players by providing enough time and space, and let them’fit into’ various atmospheres. Therefore, there is no fast travel.”

This is a peculiar game, that’s for sure. But in a very cute way.

The title still has no release date, although it is closer to the strange state of the game last night. If you want to know more about what was shown last night, you can check the King of Fighters 15 public beta announcement, the announcement of the Death Gate PlayStation, the new Bugsnax update, the leaked November PS Plus lineup or the secret trailer Death Poem: Let It Die.