The latest version of “Dark Souls” brings us bird demons in human skin, various doors

As the game proves Nara Card: Blade And upcoming Black Myth: Wukong It has been successful in Western audiences, but has recently developed a desire for action games made in China. Add another to the list to follow: Wuchang: Fallen Feather is a new soul-like action role-playing game set in the fantasy version of the Ming Dynasty. Check out the game trailer above to learn about the 18-minute characters, battles, and a terrifying boss encounter.

Taken from several periods of Chinese mythology, Wuchang: Luoyu casts you into a mysterious woman with a nasty long sword. The Ming Dynasty was destroyed and the whole country was in chaos. People seemed to have germinated feathers due to a strange disease, which eventually drove them crazy. Basically, no one has fun.