The laundromat in Bloodwash turned into a bloody nightmare

Content warning: This article discusses the subject of Bloodwash’s gender-based violence.

Walking from my third floor apartment to the laundry room on the first floor is one of my least favorite things. A narrow concrete passage leads to a fragile wooden door with three locks hanging on it, because you never know who will try to enter. My partner would rather jump off the roof than go downstairs alone. Who wants to be murdered beside your own pile of underwear?

It is this mentality that Bloodwash, an independent horror game mainly set in a late-night laundromat, occasionally has a huge impact.Mainly inspired by Italian porn, A type of horror that was popular from the 60s to the 80s, usually accompanied by alienated women being violently chased by swordsmen and plagued by psychological or sexual trauma. If you can bear the metaphor that it is often exploited, Bloodwash treats itself Set it apart from other independent horror films. Wrapped in a visual style reminiscent of the PS1 era graphics, plus a fuzzy VHS tape filter, this is a game that successfully pays tribute to the past.

(Image source: Torture Star Video)

You play a young woman named Sara, with a lazy drunk, on the road as a boyfriend and a baby.She needs clean clothes to attend the job interview tomorrow, but Someone She was too lazy to wash clothes when she was in school. So it fell on her. Of course, the road to the laundry room was a dilapidated concrete tunnel. As a result, the washing machine in this building broke down anyway.