The Legend of Mass Effect gave me a taste of the most ridiculous NPC in Mass Effect

A year before Mass Effect came out, The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion was given to our fans. Become a big champion in the arena, he will follow you around and get in the way. Everyone hates him. Conrad Verner of Mass Effect seems to be another admiring fan, so we are also destined to hate him.

A fool with a terrible goatee, he wanders around the castle, trying to get your attention. First he wants a signature, then a photo, and then he wants you to recruit him as a ghost so that you can work side by side as equals. Upgraded so soon?

(Image source: EA)

The first time I played the trilogy, ME2 and ME3 were separated for a few years, and I forgot about Verner’s transactions between games. It was a shrugging expression to see each of him coming back. When I replayed this series back to back a few years later, I didn’t complete his mission in ME1 and never saw him again. It wasn’t until 2021, the third time through the trilogy in the legendary edition, that I finally admired Conrad Verner.