The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets independent spin

Favoring the details of game development helps me build an appreciation for the game world and the people who make them. This includes environmental design that I usually take for granted, such as the day-night cycle of games. Although the time of day usually affects the way I play games, I rarely stop to appreciate the constant changes in my gaming world. So when the developer Sørb released a video showing the scenery from bright blue to prime time, it not only showed me how beautiful this game is, but it also showed us how beautiful it is for any game to have a sunset. lucky.

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This week, we have a parkour game with short legs like lightning, a hamster platform game, a wooden boat that runs like a jet ski, and a smooth 3D platform game that makes you jump around like a frog.

Beautiful sunset

This game is made by the developer Network alias Sørb. The unnamed game looks inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Because it is famous for its scenic spots and mountain climbing. In this clip, We can see the golden hours come and go, showing a complete day-night cycle within 30 seconds.If you think this is cool, you can check the latest update on Sørb Twitter account.

Sonic knows nothing about this sprinter

I have watched many movie adventures, and the characters gracefully travel through open land—— Pathless with travel Just to name a few.However, there are some very pleasant and funny things About this galloping runner Use its tiny legs.The game is a prototype of an unannounced project from Wilhelm Nylund. Although we don’t know much about it, you can understand what the developer is On his twitter account.

Mario Maker meets Hamtaro in Pompom

Pompom It is a puzzle platform game of Tomo Camp, in which you can play a hamster to travel in space. As you try to pass each level, you need to place different elements, such as springs or platforms, to help the hamster cross. This is a cute concept. A more cute protagonist reminds me of my beloved anime pet, Hamtaro. According to one of the developers, Willem Rosenthal, will launch a demo version soon.

Whip the boat like a jet ski

Whipping this small sailboat like a jet ski must look explosive.A sort of Clips from developer Deniz Cetinalp Shows a “balance system with procedural animation” that allows the character to rotate the boat and walk on it, for example People do log scrollingThe characteristic of stupidity is No more weekdays, A terrible adventure game, it will let you escape from the amorphous flesh.

Another cool frog game

The frog has a moment. Or at least, they are very popular among independent developers.this Editing by Chris Wade As the frog rolls, dives, and jumps from island to island, it demonstrates some very smooth platform movements. You can even use its tongue like a hook.The game does not have a title or release date, but you can follow the progress of the game Their twitter account.