The Legend of Zelda Games & Watches Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the Series

Nintendo Launches Bored Games & Watch Handheld to Celebrate The Legend of ZeldaThe 35th anniversary of November this year. The handheld will be available on November 12th. Handheld will be launching a special game and watch following the 2020 Super Mario Bros. franchise 35th Anniversary Ceremony.

The Legend of Zelda Game & Watch is $ 49.99 and includes the one from 1986 The Legend of Zelda, 1987s Zelda 2: Link Adventure, And the 1993s Awakening of The Legend of Zelda Link For Game Boy.There is also an adaptation of pest, One of the original games & watches, Link is a playable character that dodges rodents and is a whac-a-mole style.

The unit also features a playable clock based on The Legend of Zelda, And based on interactive timer Zelda 2: Link Adventure..Nintendo treated it like a 2020 game & watch Super mario broth, this Launched in November, it’s priced at $ 49.99.