The Legendary Edition’s Mass Effect Remaster is great, but the flashy visuals obscure some of the original mood and tone.

The original version as the remaster goes Mass effect What’s included in the re-release of the new Legendary Edition trilogy must be one of the better around.

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EA and BioWare correctly recognized that the original Mass Effect was a creepy and annoying game in many ways, but many aspects that made it happen also made it special and unique. understood. Mass Effect 2 and 3 are great games, but no doubt, with a more constrained level of design and a Gears of War-inspired trend towards cover shooting, the series is a genuine, cinematic veneer. I was able to chase.

So while some of the stranger trends in the first game never came back, it was a mistake to cut them out by the name of the “unified” trilogy package. To be fair, it was probably more expensive than the EA was willing to bear.

The Mass Effect Remaster included in the Legendary Edition has been carefully balanced and tweaked. The sum of the changes will be greater than the sum of those parts. Generally speaking, the changes are wise, but the whole game seems to be a compromise. This is fine for some fans and is definitely unacceptable to others. The discourse will definitely be exhausted.

What does this mean? For example, consider the core cast of a character. The character model has not been modified enough to be replaced by a beautiful, detailed and more complex version. Some of these models (more aliens than humans) probably won’t see it out of place in Mass Effect Andromeda, which arrived a few years later with much more powerful hardware.

However, the developers of BioWare admitted that when they tried to change the animation in the game, the whole thing was unleashed, and one animation change broke the other ten. Therefore, the animations in the game are all the same.

Sometimes it leads to a mysterious sensation. For example, like how a female shepherd uses a male shepherd’s animated rig, she has a strange genu varum run, despite slight differences in proportions. Also, a gorgeous looking squad with PS4 / Xbox quality models skates in a confusing animated loop when trying to put it behind them as a backup.

Another example of this type of trade-off can be found in weapon system changes. First, weapons are much less controlled by RPG statistics. In other words, regardless of the statistics, the target location is the destination of the bullet. This was the case for ME2 and 3, but it wasn’t the original. This is an improvement. Momentary shots feel about 100 times more than the 2007 original, but at the same time, this smart change scrapes the paint and replaces it with the core system and Mass Effect design.

Mass Effect allows you to choose from different classes trained with different weapons and abilities. But to open things up, the remaster allows all classes to use all weapons. The idea, for example, is that shotgun-trained classes are better with them and have more free options than non-shotgun specialized classes. But the combination of these two changes made me run around with a sniper rifle. This wasn’t possible before, but it also helped make the game easier. I’m a veteran of the series, but I’ve overcome the most difficult “madness” difficulty in my first save.

This feels like the comings and goings of this remaster. Nowhere is more than lighting. This is a gorgeous game with beautiful lighting on a daily basis. I just fixed it, especially considering that it’s an old game running on an old engine. However, the original Mass Effect had a very special mood and tone, all with film grain and a bit dirty. In addition, it was a very dark game, with bright neon piercing the moody zone. Much of it is lost in this remaster.

Generally speaking, some areas like the Citadel Presidium and some of the more earth-like unknown worlds, already with pretty bright plant life and greenery, look great. These areas benefit most from changes that make the overall feel of reduced contrast. However, in the darker and more foreseen places in the original place, it feels like you’ve lost something.

An obvious place discussed in detail in the pre-release is Eden Prime, the world of apocalyptic disaster tutorials. In the original, the sky was burnt red and everything was claustrophobic and annoying. The remaster has more smoke and fire effects, but the sky is clearer and the sun is flipping over into the sky, so it puts pressure on you as you move forward. It looks beautiful and has a lot of lens flares, but I think the original mood was good.

Of course, this is always a problem when remastering video games. If the game is at the crossroads of art and technology, those who recreate or sharpen the original work ask if it was an artistic choice or if it was left alone due to hardware limitations. is needed. And as a critic or end user, who really tells the original studio what the original intent was? I don’t know where to draw those lines, but in this case the artistic value of the original Mass Effect has been superseded by the desire to provide something more technically impressive and completely beautiful. Is no exaggeration to say. If nothing else, this will drive fans to discuss “this is the best” and will continue for years to come.

This doesn’t mean that the Legendary Edition version of Mass Effect isn’t good at all. It’s the best play version of the original game, with smooth, sleek performance and crisp presentations on the tested platforms PC and Xbox Series X. The visual bumps aren’t always 100% accurate to the original game, but they’re always stunning and transformative.

We have also succeeded in bringing the original closer to its successor. This can be part of the problem in many ways. While it was a great game, it didn’t look much more interesting.

But I can’t stop this from becoming my new and dependable version of this game. Other quality of life and performance changes are not negligible, and none of the visual changes are problematic enough to interfere with trading. This is a great looking remaster and a considerable achievement, but we will continue to hold the candles for certain elements of what the original release looked like.