The live-action detention movie will premiere in U.S. theaters on October 8

In the summer of 2019, we learned that the film adapted from the horror game Detention by Red Candle Games won Live action movieFor those unfamiliar with Detention, this is a creepy and popular 2017 horizontal scroll of horror, telling the story of a student exploring a twisted version of her school in search of her missing teacher. It is great to see that fans of this adventure have been adapted into a movie can finally see it in theaters from tomorrow.

Similar to the game itself is based on a true story, detention It happened in Taiwan in 1962, where it was under martial law. The protagonist of the story is a shy girl from an abusive family. She joins an underground literary club that uses books prohibited by the government to educate students in order to keep the dream of freedom. The club was led by Professor Zhang, Fang realized that she could open up, and eventually fell in love with him. Unfortunately, the professor disappeared mysteriously. One night, Fang woke up at her desk and found that the school had been distorted in an otherworldly way. Fang worked with another student, Wei, to find Professor Zhang and figure out what happened to the evil supernatural entity standing in front of them.

detention It will premiere in Asia in 2019 and 2020, and will be screened nationwide in North American theaters and digital theaters on Friday, October 8.

Red Candle Games caused a sensation earlier this year by republishing its unrelated and equally terrifying follow-up, Devotion, which has been delisted for many years after a conflict with the Chinese government. Although it doesn’t have a movie, if you want to have a good understanding of the studio’s top horror films this Halloween season, it’s worth playing. You can read our review of the game here.

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