The location of Genshin Impact Misato pearls and the best Misato pearl cultivation route

Genshin Impact Sanxiang Pearl It is a new item found only in a few places on Watatsumi Island.

Since the release of Genshin 2.1 update, it doesn’t make much sense. However, this situation is about to change. Kokomi uses Sango Pearl, you will want to store a lot.

Genshin Impact Sanxiang Pearl | What is Sanwu Pearl

Sango Pearl is a new local specialty used by Kokomi in her upgraded Ascension. So far, she is the only person who needs Sango Pearl, and, unlike Sakura Blossom, there is currently no other use for this item or the recipe that needs it. When more lightning characters enter your party, this may change in future updates, but for now, it has only this single purpose.

Genshin Impact Sango Pearl | Sango Pearl Location

Currently, you can only find Sango Pearl in a few places on the island of Watatsumi. This is appropriate considering the close connection between the project and Kokomi, although more locations may be added when miHoYo includes Tsurumi Island in the next update. If this happens, we will update this guide.

Since Sanxiang pearls are…well, pearls, you can only find them near the water, so don’t waste time looking for them on the many cliffs in Watatsumi. Pearls are also easy to spot because they are located in a large pink oyster.

Genshin Impact Sanxiang Pearl | Sanxiang Pearl Farm

Sango Pearl was reborn after two days (48 hours), just like other local specialties. Fortunately, there is a fairly simple farm method that you can run each time they respawn, and it takes about three minutes to complete.

The locations of Sango Pearl are all close to Watatsumi’s road signs-or a new area in the case of the Suigetsu cluster-so you can reach them easily. Each run can provide you with about 45 Sango Pearls. It is enough to see Kokomi through several Ascensions, but you just have to wait for the rebirth to reach those higher levels.

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