The location of the Fortnite Spirit Vessel and how to use the Shadow Stone to restore the Spirit Vessel

Fortnite Spirit Vessels are an important part of the Dark Jonesey Fortnitemares mission, but the problem is actually finding them.

For such an important and mysterious sound, Spirit Vessels is quite small and hidden away. You also need to get the Shadow Stones first, but fortunately, they are easier to find.

Fortnite Spirit Vessel Location-Where to find Spirit Vessels

Spirit Vessels may spawn in two locations, one west of Dirty Docks and one west of Weeping Woods. Some people reported that two soul containers were generated in the dirty dock area, as shown in the circle below, although I have only found one near the tower so far.

The Weeping Forest currently has only one spirit weapon, and it is just west of the fantasy legend. The convenience of this location is that the Shadow Stone needed to activate it is usually located in the forest near the container. There are many stones around Dirty Docks Vessel, but they are farther away.

Spirit Vessels are small purple objects in a batch of harvestable objects, including stones and candles. They are hard to find at first, so if you have difficulty finding them, please pay attention to these other objects.

Fortnite Spirit Vessel-How to use the Shadow Stone and Recovery Spirit Vessel

Get close to the Shadow Stone and use it like any other consumable. This will make you a spirit with speed improvement and phase shift ability in a short period of time. Interact with the ship to complete this task.

You still need to touch a cube and destroy the corrupted cluster to complete the Dark Jones mission. One benefit of falling into the Weeping Forest area is that Corruption Clusters will spawn nearby, so you can quickly complete two tasks before the storm is over.

After completing Dark Jonesy’s punch cards, there are more Fortnite Halloween. Make sure to get as many candies as possible for Hollowhead and complete Ariana Grande’s mission to match the new Ghostbusters.