The location of the New World’s defective freshwater pearls and the location of the Hatchburg Fisheries

New World Blemish Freshwater Pearl It should be easy to find—in theory.

However, the quest “Glory from Courage” is not too concerned about telling you where to look when you arrive at the fishing grounds. It also swarmed with undead creatures.

New World Defective Freshwater Pearls — Where to find Hatchburg Fisheries

The first task is to find Hatch Fort Fishery. This is a small place near the pond, located in the forest area far northwest of Rose Landing.

Once you arrive, your work will appear in a new form.

New World’s flawed freshwater pearls-where to find flawed freshwater pearls

In addition to finding 6 defective freshwater pearls, you also need to defeat 25 Lakecast blighters. There are many withered around the hatchery. Defeating 25 should be easy, as they tend to appear near the supply boxes with pearls.

These crates are located in various buildings around the fishing grounds, and because of their gleaming white halo, they cannot be missed. However, before attempting to catch the pearl, you need to clear the withered ones first. It takes time to pillage supply crates, and it can quickly become frustrating if Resurrection keeps interrupting your simple missions.

After completing the two parts of the task, return to the report to get rewards. They are considerable, making this a valuable exploration:

2,000 XP 2,403 Gold T2 Weapon Case 175 Standing

Gold coins and XP are good, but the free weapons in the weapon box are the real highlight. Choosing your best weapon is only important if you really have one.

If you are struggling to find a foothold in a new world, spending some time building a strong build is always a good starting point. You will need it to perform faction missions and boss battles, but you also need some rare items in the game, including saltpeter and thorn branches.