The long road to the secret ending of Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an old-fashioned CRPG based on a desktop rule set, so complicated that even fans call it “Mathfinder”. This is a long and complicated game, but it is obviously not long and complicated enough for Owlcat Games. They hide a secret ending in it. Finding out how to unlock this ending requires data mining, machine translation, and the cooperation of multiple committed fan communities.

Players first stumbled upon the existence of a secret ending while fighting many other issues when Kingmaker was released. “I collected everything I could find from various sources because there are no captives in this game,” said Prototype00, one of the players who joined the game. Subsection with Steam Forum Learn about its opaque rules and cruel encounters at the end of 2018. “This is before concessions are made to at least inform new players such things as’The spider swarm will kill you completely’ or’There is not enough Vodaque’s Tomb supply to basically end the game’. You will always encounter fatalities. Case.”