The main scenes of Final Fantasy 16 have been completed, “only some quality improvements are left”

Final Fantasy 16 Producer Naoki Yoshida provided a small update on the game development network during the live broadcast of the Tokyo Game Show this weekend, and pointed out that the game may be closer to completion than one might think.

As early as June, Square Enix lowered the expectations of Final Fantasy fans and told those eager to learn about the game that they should not expect to see it at the Tokyo Game Show in 2021.

However, despite not showing more gameplay or launching new trailers at the show, we still heard something else-a small game update provided by Yoshida.

Every VGC, Naoki Yoshida assured fans that the main design of Final Fantasy 16 has been completed, and explained that the development team is currently working on completing various side tasks that will appear in the game, as well as finalizing the character model and making some quality improvements.

We are sure that the last two elements will become music in the ears of fans; Final Fantasy 16 was officially announced for PS5 at the PlayStation 5 show in 2020, and fans soon began to criticize the graphics of the game. We heard before that the graphics are still being processed, so we hope-whenever we next watch the game-this will be an improvement over the video embedded above.

This slow, steady stream of information about the upcoming game is intentional. Yoshida previously explained that Square Enix deliberately concealed the news of “Final Fantasy 16” in order to avoid excessive hype about the game.

There is no word on the release date of Final Fantasy 16, it has only been confirmed for release on PlayStation 5 so far-but there seems to be some confusion about whether it will appear on any other platforms.