The Mario film producer said that Chris Pratt’s plumber would not have an Italian accent, calling the actor’s voice “extraordinary.”

Two months ago, Nintendo and Lighting announced that Chris Pratt would voice Mario in the upcoming Mario movie. In these eight weeks, the conversation around this choice focused on the accent of the famous plumber. Will he do the traditional Mario accent, or do other things?

In a new interview marvelous, Mario film co-producer Chris Mele Dandri defended Pratt’s casting, saying that his voice for Mario was excellent.

“All I can tell you is the voice he made for us, and Mario, is extraordinary,” Mele Dandri told marvelous“Yes, I can’t wait for people to hear it.”

marvelous Ask the producer about his decision to let Pratt, who is not an Italian, work as an Italian plumber. Meledandri says that he is Italian-American and understands some of the feelings people have about the choice of actors. He said that Charlie Day is an Italian who plays Luigi and is a tribute to the Italian background of the famous plumber duo.

However, Mele Dandri added that you can expect Mario movies to touch an Italian accent, or rather, lack an Italian accent.

“We introduced it in the movie,” he said. “So you will see that we will definitely nod.”

Meledandri also said that you shouldn’t expect Pratt’s performance to be too inclined to “This is mine, Mario!” The other side of the character is Charles Martinet, who has been dubbing Mario for decades. Promotion.

While waiting to hear about Pratt’s Mario, check out the full cast of Illumination’s Mario movie.

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