The Mass Effect Legendary Edition patch adds visual improvements and fixes bugs in Xbox headsets.

By Dom Peppiatt
May 18, 2021 09:10 GMT

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Has received a number of patches that fix various visual bugs and some Achievement / Trophy issues, as well as fix issues with the Xbox Series X headset.

BioWare and EA have pushed a new patch for Mass Effect Legendary Edition that fixes a series of issues players have noticed in the game since its release last Friday.

As explained in the set of Patch notesWith the May 17th update, many in-game issues have been updated. There is a new visual upgrade for the Iris Shader, Mass Effect and Mass Effect 3 kill tracking has been fixed for achievement and trophy reasons, and the game no longer crashes. If you’re using a wireless headset, the Xbox Series X Launcher (developer wants to fix it in a future patch, but if you enable or disable the headset within the launcher, BioWare can still have problems I admit that I have sex).

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Regardless of the patch form you’re playing, this is a pretty big patch. The PlayStation download weighs about 11 GB, but if you have all three games installed, the Xbox patch will be a bit larger.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been pretty popular so far. The game sets a new BioWare concurrent player record on Steam, where players are importing shepherd faces via face code to make the entire experience more personal.

Our own Alex Donaldson said the Legendary Edition’s Mass Effect Remaster is great, but the flashy visuals obscure some of the original mood and tone.

Check out the patch notes below.


  • Fixed a major issue with the launcher crashing or becoming unresponsive on the Xbox Series X when using a wireless headset
    • Known issue: This can happen even if you enable / disable the headset in the launcher. A future fix will resolve this issue.
  • Improved iris shader for better interaction of light and ambient occlusion
  • Minor calibrations, corrections, and stability improvements

Mass effect

  • Improved terrain texture
  • Fixed an issue where achievement / trophy kills were not being tracked correctly

Mass Effect & Mass Effect 2

  • Resolved an issue where the character code might not appear in the squad menu
  • Improved pre-rendered cutscenes to reduce occasional artifacts

Mass effect 2

  • Improved lighting and shadows in some cinematics
  • Minor improvements in vision, rendering, and VFX at some levels
  • Resolved a minor text issue with achievements

Mass effect 3

  • Fixed an issue where achievement / trophy kills were not being tracked correctly

Does patch 1.02 fix the problem you are facing? Maybe the trophies weren’t tracked correctly, so would you like to pop after launching the game following this update? Please let us know in the comments below.

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