The Matrix Awakens: Unreal Engine 5 Experience | Today’s New Gameplay

Among the many announcements in The Game Awards, The Matrix Awakens is one of the coolest and most puzzling. It’s not exactly a game. From the appearance, this free interactive experience can be used as a technical demonstration, showing the powerful functions of Unreal Engine 5 with the matrix universe as the background. To say it looks great is an understatement. Due to the lifelike fidelity of the Awakening City, we are still working hard to lift our chin from the floor.

Awakens gives you control of an original character, although you can indeed keep in touch with Neo and Trinity in the exciting track car chase/shooting range we will partly show. You will also learn how “Awakening” allows players to modify development tools to change the look and feel of their world.

Join Alex Stadink, Marcus Stewart, and Andrew Lenner to learn more about the amazing digital playground of The Matrix Awakening. Be sure to check our summary of all the major announcements of The Game Awards, as well as the complete list of winners.