The method of obtaining the primordial spirit and special fish

Genshin Impact Lunar Realm is a new event and the first set of water missions that appeared after miHoYo introduced a new fishing system as part of the Genshin 2.1 update.

In most cases, this is fairly simple, but the real reward is not just what you get for completing each task. The Moon is the best way to fill your vault with scale wealth.

Yuanshen hits the Moon Realm | How to Start the Moon Realm

Assuming you have downloaded the Genshin 2.1 update and completed the Ritou Escape Plan Archon mission, you will find Lunar Realm under the event menu. Go to the Lightning Fishing Association and start a dialogue with Kuji Lai Hongye to start the task of “telling you my tenderness and sadness”.

This will take you to the fisheries associations in the other two regions. The first fishing mission is unlocked midway through this mission, but you can also complete the entire mission and collect some extra Primogems along the way.

A new phishing mission will be unlocked every day when the server is reset. These tasks require you to catch a specific number of fish or a specific type of fish, and each challenge location is marked with a fish needle on your map. The time constraints are quite relaxed, so most of them should be without challenges.

Persevere and catch some extra fish in order to trade new rods or The Catch long rods at the Fishing Association. Unlike ordinary fishing spots, fish will respawn immediately at the challenge point, so you can catch up to 50 fish.

Yuanshen hits the Moon | Lunar Specialty Fish

A new battle pass challenge mentions catching “five special fish”, which you can’t do yet. In the later stage of the event, Jiujilai provided you with a new type of bait called “Firefly bait”. This bait is only suitable for capturing lunar Leviathan, the special fish “mysterious ornamental fish” for the battle pass.

Yuanshen hits the Moon Realm | Moon Realm Reward

The reward depends on how well you perform in each task, and the reward for each task is the same in all three levels.

Complete the absolute minimum requirements for you to win Level 1 reward, which one:

  • 30,000 Mora
  • 60 Primogems
  • 3 Hero’s Wisdom

this second prize Yes:

30,000 Mora 4 Sanctifying Unction (each gain 2,500 artifact experience)

with Last layer Only give you 6 mysterious enhancement ores

Arriving at the end of the event will also win you a new fishing rod, Moonstringer.

If you want to do more before the next fishing challenge is unlocked, check out Inazuma’s some new world missions in Genshin Impact, including: