The Metroid Fear Producer hopes that the Metroid movie will one day become a reality

After Metroid: Other M and Metroid Alliance forces, Metroid Fear has been the triumphant return of the Metroid franchise.Yoshio Sakamoto, the producer behind Metroid Fear, was interviewed by a technical publication The internet There he was asked some questions about the Metroid series. The website told him that since we will see the premiere of “Super Mario Movie” in December next year, Nintendo will be very interesting to see a Metroid movie. Mr. Sakamoto said it would certainly be, and he personally hopes that one day it will become a reality.

CNET: Speaking of the recent Super Mario movie announcements, a Metroid movie will be very interesting. I don’t know who will be selected as Sams.

Sakamoto: So this is a very interesting thing. Personally, I hope it will become a reality one day.