The Metroid Fear trailer tells you everything you need to know

For those who are not familiar with the Metroid game, this new Metroid Fear The trailer provides a general overview of the game and series, as well as some actions.

Taking place on the planet ZDR, Samus will explore a labyrinth full of enemies at the bottom of the planet, including unique areas such as caves, magma chambers, ancient forests, and underwater environments.

The enemy in the game is a dangerous robot named EMMI, they will track and try to catch Samus. The bodies of these research robots are covered with sturdy armor that cannot be penetrated by conventional attacks.

Fortunately, Sams has a powerful arm cannon, missiles, jumping ability, new sliding action and melee counter, she can use it to deal with the aforementioned enemies. Like most games in the Metroid series, the more she explores, the more abilities she gains.

Some of these abilities include spider magnets, which allow Samus to cling to certain walls and ceilings. There is also a deformation ball, which allows her to become a ball and enter a narrow passage. Flash Shift is a brand new skill that can instantly move Samus forward and backward a short distance. She can also use Storm Missile, a new weapon that can lock multiple targets.

If you are a fan of Metroid games, or are new to franchising, you should actually watch the video to understand the complete breakdown.

Metroid Dread was released on Nintendo Switch on October 8.