The Metroid producer explains why Sams mostly stays silent in Metroid Fear

GameSpot released an extensive interview with Yoshio Sakamoto, the producer of Metroid Fear. One of the questions posed to Mr. Sakamoto in the interview is that as more and more games begin to dub the protagonist, why Sams is almost the silent protagonist in Metroid Fear, but in Metroid Fear , Sams Alan barely spoke. Mr. Sakamoto explained that the team wanted to create a dark, gloomy and terrifying atmosphere, and preferred to use visual effects and cutscenes to play the role instead of relying on dubbing. He finally said that the team wanted the players to think, “What’s going on? How does Sams feel now?”

Why should Sams become a silent protagonist? She no longer has the idea of ​​Metroid fusion elevator or other M monologues.

In this game, Sams hardly spoke. The reason I want to do this is the theme of this game, which is fear. I think it’s better not to convey Sams’s current situation or Sams’s current thoughts to the player through actual language or actual sound, but to convey to the player more through performance or visuals. I want players to think, “What happened? How does Sams feel now?” That’s why I decided to go this way in this game.