The mission of Yuanshen’s impact on the ancient shadow ends

Primordial shock Launched a New limited time event Called “Shadow of the Ancients“Today. This three-stage event allows you to collect and investigate key locations and collect valuable data for Catherine before challenging the formidable anomalous model ruin grader. Players who take down this large’ol robot will get a series of good Rewards, including that you can blow hard to get 5 star Hu Tao’s original gem. You will never get it.

Shadow of the Ancients is only available before November 15th, so you don’t have to take too long to enter the game and complete this activity. Remember, to start participating, you must be at least Adventure Level 30 and have completed the story mission “Flowers Blooming in Prison”.

The following is how it works at different stages. The first stage requires you to use Ayesha’s Chaos Prospector from the event mission “Journey to Tsurumi”. You can then use this gadget to find components at survey points marked on the map.

The second stage allows you to use electrical attacks to charge Pursina’s Spikes (large devices embedded in the ground) in a specific area. To collect data, you need to keep these devices charged while fending off waves of enemies.

The last stage is the interesting stage. Using the collected data, head to Tsurumi Island to activate and defeat the huge ruin grader. Powering up the spikes will make them stronger, but once they are all charged, the big guy will be destroyed. The reward for doing this is the original gems, magic pulls and various upgrade materials.

Once everything is done, you’re done! Shadow of the Ancients looks like a dynamic game that can distract players from the regular event Genshin Impact logged in every day. If you are looking for something to change the daily life you find yourself, then give it a try!

If you want to know what the newly acquired primo gems are used for, you may remember the banner mentioned at the beginning of this article! If you are curious about them, we have broken down all the content available in the new banner.