The mod for the restoration of the German headquarters: a single-player game in enemy territory is now available

In 2003, the retail version of “German Headquarters: Enemy Land” was cancelled and the multiplayer mode was given away for free. As id and Activision said at the time, “Despite the tremendous efforts of talented developers, the single player part of the game did not progress as expected.” Enemy Territory eventually became a formative multiplayer shooter. , Its influence on this type still exists today. But players always want to know: What will a single player campaign look like?

Modder William Faure has an answer, there is an A mod that uses maps of enemy territories and connects them together to form a story-driven movementThere is a trailer above, which contains a rad metal version of Für Elise and a large number of Nazi shooting actions. The cooperative version of the module will be launched on November 30 and is currently being tested.