The monk sings the halo theme

Ah Christmas. A season of carols, capitalism, and few remaining religious messages.Some people would say this is the perfect combination, but now we know it is not true at all-the real winning combination is the three Gregorian monks and the iconic Halo theme song.and Halo infinite Throwing millions of people in their 30s into a warm, vague nostalgia overload, now is the perfect time to make yourself shamelessly popular-and this is what these talented lads have achieved.

These talented singers, dressed in the coolest dressing gowns you have ever seen, came to Helsinki Cathedral to enjoy the magnificent environment and wonderful acoustics. Completely a cappella, this is an impressive performance, and every level of harmony brings a creepy interpretation of the Halo classic.

We also like the Christmas tree in the background. Our only complaint? There really should be a weird man dressed as a sergeant, pretending to fight the covenant, and galloping past them.

Despite this, put aside the absurd demands and shout out to Joonas Pajari, William Haggblom and Tuomas Tenkanen of The Game Music Collective-keep working hard. Now, please forgive us, we are going to play Halo: Infinite… well, assuming it will not delete our save files anyway.