The Monster Hunter Rise PC release date has been determined, and the demo will be launched in October

Capcom announced today during TGS 2021, we can look forward to Monster Hunter Rise Reach the PC.

That date is January 12. Although this may seem remote, it is actually not because it was only three months later.

In addition, in order to keep you going until then, Capcom will release a demo of the game on Steam from October 13th.

The demo will provide you with a variety of hunting options, including offline single-player and online multiplayer with up to four players. You will also be able to use 14 weapon types.

You can also look forward to a training option and a Wyvern Riding tutorial full of useful tips and instructions. When you are ready, you will experience three different hunting missions and monsters, each offering different levels of challenges, from beginner (Great Izuchi) to intermediate (Mizutsune) and advanced (Magnamalo).

The PC version will have customizable optimization features that allow you to enjoy the game with 4K resolution and ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio support, while also providing unlimited frame rates and high-resolution textures.

When the full version of the game is released on PC, it will contain all the major post-launch content available on the Nintendo Switch version until the end of November 2021.

After the release, players on both platforms can look forward to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, A considerable expansion will enter the game in the summer of 2022. You can look forward to new storylines and operating bases, as well as new locations, monsters, game features, master mission levels, etc.

Obviously, you need to own the base game to play it, and you need to complete the 7-star Hub Quest called Serpent Goddess of Thunder. When playing on the same system, all the progress of the base game will be transferred to the expansion.

Also today, the identity of the new monster in Sunbreak’s first trailer has been confirmed as Marzeno, zn Elder Dragon, as the flagship monster of the expansion.Join the upcoming extension is Shogun, A returning crab-like monster, first appeared in Monster Hunter 2.

“Monster Hunter: Rise” was released on Switch on March 26. It has proved to be quite popular among the Switch crowd. Given the response from players and critics, we expect it will not be inferior on PC.