The most powerful summon before obtaining the Elden Ring requires being possessed by Mimic Tears

people who have played Eldon Ring Anytime praise the virtues of Spirit Ashes – AI warriors and monsters you can summon to help you. There are a lot of these in the game designed for different scenarios, and players keep taking them to the main boss fights and challenging areas.

But one call in particular has been… controversial. Mimic Tears (found in the secret area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNokron in the Eternal City) will only spawn a copy of your own character, warts, and everything. By calling on it, you effectively have another person fighting alongside you.

Needless to say, Elden Ring players quickly realized they could create boss-busting gear for their copycats, then switch back to their standard gear after summoning it. After earning quite a reputation, FromSoftware eventually nerfed Mimic Tear in a subsequent patch.

Given how powerful it is, the way you get Mimic Torn Ash never makes a lot of sense. You can find it in chests like many other items in Elden Ring. But that doesn’t seem to always be the case.

modifier Newlyn (pass Vativiya), dug up an entire questline dedicated to Mimic Tears that was cut before the game’s release. This quest will introduce a new character and complete her own dialogue. While not explicitly stated, there are strong indications that Mimic Tears were designed to accomplish the mission.

As you can see in the video below, Asimi is a silver tear that looks just like everyone else, but when you get close and try to kill it, you trigger a dialogue – thus starting the quest. Asimi explained that she has basically achieved consciousness and asked to…live within you.

By doing this, you’re effectively carrying another person with you, and Melina even commented on it. Given where the Silver Tears originated, Asimi will have a new dialogue when you visit the Eternal City. She will even ask you to find a special chalice and drink from it.

This quenches their thirst, Asimi explains, but instead, it allows them to become a fully formed being that continues to live as a replica of you. Of course, the story doesn’t have a happy ending, as you end up seeing Asimi again and needing to kill her – and your reward is likely to be Tears of Mimicry.

Nullrinn revived the quest, which is how they were able to go through the steps and unlock hidden characters and their dialogue. Of course, you can’t do the same in your own game unless they release a mod that can do it.

Our Elden Ring guide may not tell you how to unlock clip content, but it does provide a ton of useful guidance.