The mystery of the X-Men reunites with her Marvel universe wife

In Marvel’s entire Krakow era, there was a homosexual Chekhov’s gun On the mutant fireplace in the form of Mystique and her late wife Destiny. The secret cabal that runs Krakoa believes that if fate is resurrected, all their plans will be wiped out, and if her wife is not resurrected, the mysterious island will burn them all.

PurgatoryLast month, the architect and writer Jonathan Hickman of the Krakowen era pulled the double-barreled shotgun from the wall. This was a farewell ceremony that revealed that the mystics had somehow secretly Bring her wife back to life.

This week, we saw it on fire-Marvel’s terrifying shapeshifter and her oracle’s wife were together again for the first time since 1989.

What else happened in our favorite comic page? We will tell you. Welcome to Monday Funnies, this is a list of the favorite books of Polygon’s weekly comic editor in the past week. It is partly a social page of superhero life, partly recommended for reading, and partly “look at this cool art”. There may be some spoilers. There may not be enough context. But there will be great comics. (If you missed the previous edition, please read this.)

Image: Jonathan Hickman, Stefano Caselli/Marvel Comics

Unlike the 1989 editorial ban on queer relations that allowed writer Chris Claremont to only imply the relationship between Mystique and Destiny instead of explicitly stating that, the reunion of Mystique and Destiny in 2021 is homosexual. On the one hand, I welcome our newest gay mutant power couple.

I mean the power couple, because Mystique not only resurrected her wife into a young, hot body as a gift, she also immediately politicized her seat on Krakoa’s governing That It is a relationship goal.

Photos: James Tynion IV, Tate Brombal, Chris Shehan/Boom Studios

From old comrades to new comrades: Slaughterhouse #1 is building some weird boarding school “They are roommates” drama-next to it is the drama “Children are trained to be monster hunters in the secret society, and maybe cute guys grow up to be monsters”. Boom Studios Something is killing the child The audience for this spin-off comic, but then again, the number of viewers is enough to attract Netflix’s attention.

Black Widow, White Widow, Hawkeye, Winter Soldier and many more arrived at the Golden Gate Gala in high fashion in Black Widow #12 (2021).

Image: Kelly Thompson, Elena Casagrande/Marvel Comics

When I first saw this panel, I thought Black widow #12 is a very delayed Hellfire Gala with comics, but no, it is Black Widow, Yelena Belova, Hawkeye and Winter Soldier who all attended a completely normal human party-this is obviously a cosmopolitan holiday. All I can say is that I absolutely support that every superhero book will appear on the fake version of Met Gala, especially if it is the cover of a carefully planned robbery, just like here.

Wonder Woman fights a young girl with a ray gun across the sky of the city. These characters are portrayed as flowing skirts and exquisitely detailed hair, and in Wonder Woman: Black and Gold there are only black, white and gold. Gold #5 (2021).

Image: Trung Le Nguyen / DC Comics

The anthology books may be hit or missed, but there are some real sensations this week Wonder Woman: Black Gold, Like this story from Trung Le Nguyen (the acclaimed Magic fish) The appearance and reading are absolutely gorgeous.


Image: Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto/Marvel Comics

This week at maraudersSeveral members of the team discovered that they had been pushed out of an airlock. By combining all their mutated powers and items into a puck, they created oxygen and heat in the puck to survive and win back their spaceship, and then Create a propulsion method for ice hockey.

In other words, Bishop and Sebastian Shaw both have the ability to absorb kinetic energy for later use. They punched each other until they became the weird jet engines for ice hockey. This kind of excellent mutation teamwork created by smart writing is always pleasant.