The new Back 4 Blood update adds to the progress of offline campaigns

The latest Back 4 Blood update was launched at 10 am Pacific Standard Time / 1 pm Eastern Standard Time, and finally brought the offline battle of multiplayer shooter progress.

Since Turtle Rock Studios released Back 4 Blood in October, players have been looking for a way to play the game offline and still be able to do it. Thanks to the December 2021 update, this is now possible. This update also brings some other required features to shooting games.

“The focus of the December 2021 update is to bring you some highly anticipated new features and improve the experience with our veteran and nightmare difficulty,” Patch notes read. “Various adjustments to the card system, riding, spawning system, weapons, and cleaners detailed below can help improve these difficulties. As we mentioned before, we will continue to improve the Back 4 Blood experience and look forward to your feedback We will update the feedback in December 2021.”

The following are the new features of Back 4 Blood after today’s update:

  • offline activity As progress
  • New supply line -Floating Merchant: Added a limited-time track, providing new unlocks to spend supply points
  • New card type – Burning cards: can be obtained through the supply line of mobile merchants, and can be used in each safe room to obtain temporary effects, such as instant healing, currency increase, resistance increase, etc.
  • Holiday seasonal events: Holiday decorations have been added to Fort Hope and the shooting range, as well as unlockable seasonal character skins, weapon skins, badges and spray paint.
  • New (non-burning) card:
    • belt buckle: Increase the quick slot inventory by 1
    • Utility belt: Increase 2 quick slot inventory, -10% damage caused
    • Tool belt: Add 1 team Quickslot inventory
  • Cycling practice area Add to Fort Hope
  • The robot that accompanies the player in the single player campaign is random
  • Ultra wide improvement
  • Statistics tracking is now enabled in training

In addition to adding all these new features of Back 4 Blood in today’s update, Turtle Rock also detailed hundreds of improvements, changes, and fixes to the campaign and Swarm PvP mode. You can read all of them in full here.

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