The new Deathloop update makes NPCs smarter and Colt’s invasion is harder

A new update for Deathloop has been launched, and it has greatly changed the way players make instant decisions, including how they respond to NPCs and invasions from Julianna.

Game Update 2 (approximately the same size as Game Update 1) made numerous changes to many game systems and also fixed bugs. With this update, the two most notable changes in Deathloop are that NPCs are now smarter. According to reports, Colt will be more difficult to avoid Juliana during the invasion. Digital trends.

“Game Update 2 has improved NPC reactions and paths, UI clarity and appearance, audio mixing quality, and many other elements,” Bethesda’s Blog post Regarding the update read. “It also adds controller remapping and field of view and motion blur control to the PS5.”

In terms of NPC behavior, the following are the changes in the game:

  • NPCs will now react to bullets passing nearby, such as missed headshots
  • NPC will now react when another person is assassinated nearby
  • NPC now hears better and reacts faster to nearby footsteps
  • If the player gets too close, the attacked NPC will no longer move to cover
  • NPCs can now infer the direction of the grenade thrown
  • If Juliana uses Nexus to connect Colt with them, the NPC will no longer stop trying to kill Colt
  • Interrupted aerial assassinations will no longer cause NPCs to become almost invulnerable
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements to NPC behavior, reaction, path, and location
  • If Charlie Montagu is kicked while using Shift, he will no longer get stuck on the floor or the ground

In terms of new invasion changes, you can expect the following:

  • The pony’s abandonment of that game is now counted as a victory for the player controller Juliana
  • AI-controlled Julianna is now more sensitive to Colt’s behavior
  • The antenna that Colt had to crack to escape now takes longer to crack
  • AFK players are marked
  • Colt players who stay in the Colt tunnel for too long will be automatically marked, which will cause the tunnel door to open
  • When players in your friends list are playing in “online mode”, you are more likely to invade them
  • The Strelak Engineer Charge thrown by NPCs that Juliana attacks will no longer create fake Colt tags for Juliana
  • Players can now correctly guide the opposing player’s audio response in a melee
  • Strelak Engineer Charge will now stick to Juliana like other NPCs

Other notable changes include the ability to remap buttons, reverse the lever, and new options that allow players to adjust the field of view and motion blur. The UI buttons and text in the menu options are also larger.Check Bethesda’s blog post Get a comprehensive overview of all the changes in Deathloop Game Update 2.

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[Source: Digital Trends]

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