The new digital Xbox Museum features interactive exhibits about the company’s history, including your own achievements

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Xbox, and the company has done a lot to commemorate this special milestone. There are limited edition Adidas shoes, fancy Halo Xbox Series X and more. Now, you can also visit a digital Xbox museum.

It’s easy to get there-go to strongly recommend that you log in, because doing so will create a unique museum space for you, which contains information about your and Xbox brand history, your achievements, and more. However, this is not all. There are many other sections in the museum for your Metaverse-like avatars: the original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Halo sections.

As you use the keyboard to walk through each part of the museum, you can place the 3D avatar in the yellow circle on the ground. These circles are located in front of the museum exhibits. After entering the circles, you can interact with the exhibition to learn more. For example, in the original Xbox space, there was a circle in front of the exhibition with the title “Bill Gates and Rock Band Unveil the Xbox.” After interacting with this exhibition, you will enter an interactive story that contains information about the unveiling, event videos, etc.

This is also what every digital exhibit looks like, it seems that it takes several hours to go through the entire museum. This is a fairly extensive lineup of information, not to mention that it also contains your own personal history on Xbox in one section.

Go to Visit the exhibition by yourself and then catch up with some Game informant Reported by Halo Infinite-After all, this year is also Halo’s 20th birthday. After that, take a look at these Xbox 360 Adidas sneakers, and then take a look at this new Halo Xbox Elite controller.

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