The new Halo Infinite event showcases new AI similar to Cortana, bosses with health bars, etc.

Less than two months before the release, Microsoft and 343 Industries finally showed more Halo Infinite events.Six and a half minutes today Activity overview video This is the first time we have seen Halo Infinite campaign footage in a year.

In it, we learned about some improved art and visual effects Delay delays the release date of Halo Infinite to 2021 (Instead of the original 2020 release date), sure enough, it looks great. Anyone who has recently played a preview of a multiplayer game with the latest technology is also familiar with these improved visual effects.

Regarding our expectations for Halo Infinite activities, the overview video did not reveal anything too specific. We have a more comprehensive understanding of Zeta Halo, this is where the game takes place, and some of the terrain and new look of the basement we can expect to pass. Of course, we will encounter banished enemies, such as barbarians, as well as classic Halo enemies like jackals, hunters, grunts, elites, and forerunner enemies, and even a new mechanical enemy called a skimmer.

Speaking of enemies, this campaign overview video also shows a brand new content in the mainline halo series: Boss with a health bar. In the video, we see the chief playing against a brutal boss with a white bar (probably a shield) and a red bar below. This seems to be the actual health of the boss. That is the only boss with a health bar, so it is not clear whether we will encounter many bosses with a health bar, or whether this battle is a one-off.

The rest of the video shows a lot of what we actually did in Halo this December: flying wasps, destroying banshees, using Chief’s new grappling hook and thruster abilities, destroying exiled fortresses, completing side missions, and more.

Another key information revealed was weapons. This AI is very similar to Cortana, except that its sole purpose is to “lock” Cortana. After the Halo 5 Guardians incident, Chief is seeking to rescue the rampant Cortana. According to the new artificial intelligence, the answer to this question is on Zeta Halo, which seems to be another major goal after defeating the exiled army.

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After today’s presentation, are you more excited about the Halo Infinite event? Please let us know in the comments below!