The new Halo Infinite video highlights the exiled leader Echarum who really wants to fight the Master Chief

Microsoft and 343 Industries have released a new video highlighting the exiled leader Escalum’s desire to destroy humanity and the Sergeant Chief.

Look, if you are not a Spartan, a member of the UNSC, or a civilian on earth, then you are likely to have some disputes with the master chief, especially if you are a religious fanatic or someone who intends to destroy humanity. This is the case with Echarum, who seems to be the main opponent of the Halo Infinite campaign (you know, except for the entire rampant Cortana AI that wants to activate the old Halo and use it to destroy all lives).

“Hope, it makes you weak,” Esharum said in the video. “Humans firmly believe that the savior will come, the hero will rise, and wear armor to save you. It will not. The armor can be broken. The body is broken. When you look back on these last days, you will realize that what you have built is just a tomb. A place where hope is dashed.”

This is a very evil monologue, Esharum.

Anyway… Echarum is in The first Halo Infinite battle gameplay shown in 2020. He also appeared briefly in Yesterday released a new Halo Infinite event overview trailerAlthough the Chief Sergeant will seek to save the rest of the UNSC, find the weapon AI, and stop Cortana, it seems that throughout the journey, Eshcarum will be there to prepare for his inevitable battle with Spartan 117. However, only time will tell.

If you watched the original Halo Infinite event in 2020, you may remember some criticisms of the Echarum model. Although Echarum looks significantly better in today’s trailer (as did yesterday), it is important to note that this Echarum is a CGI version. In contrast, the 2020 version is an in-engine version. We haven’t seen what Echarum looks like in the engine, but if yesterday’s new campaign overview shows any signs, Echarum, like everything else in the game, looks much better now.

When Halo Infinite landed on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC on December 8, we will fight Eshcarum as the Master Chief.While waiting, check out one of our editors Halo Infinite Multiplayer Game Impressions Then read this breakdown Everything we know about Halo Infinite. check it out Halo 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Xbox Series X after that.

Do you think Echarum will be a full-scale boss battle or is it more similar to the battle with Tartarus at the end of Halo 2? Please let us know in the comments below!