The new League of Legends rhythm game Hextech Mayhem announced that Netflix will also be launched

Riot Games announced Hextech Mayhem, League of Legends Story, a new rhythm-based game that will land on Switch and PC next week.

According to reports, the Hextech Mayhem announced today was described by Riot as a “fast-paced runner” with the League of Legends world as the background. European playersIt happened especially in Piltworth, where there will be many bombs in the city, provided by Giggs.

“Hextech Mayhem from Choice Provisions: A League of Legends Story, a fast-paced runner with Piltwoff as the background. Every action has an explosive reaction. No amount of chaos can be overstated,” Announcement trailer read. “Playing as Giggs, work hard to build the greatest bomb in the world’s history, while surpassing Hemerdinger, who is forbidden to entertain.”

As mentioned in the description, bit. Trip Runner developer Choice Provisions is also the studio behind the Runner series and is developing Hextech Mayhem. Interestingly, this seems to indicate that Riot is continuing to draw inspiration from Nintendo and allow third-party developers (especially those that favor indie games) to develop games in the world of IP that is usually developed by first parties. Nintendo did this through Brace Yourself Games, and their rhythm adopted the Legend of Zelda in Hyrule’s Cadence.

according to European playersRiot’s own internal publisher, Riot Forge, is committed to publishing games set in the League of Legends world, “all games are developed by other non-Riot studios.” Hextech Mayhem is also from Riot Forge.

Another interesting information about Hextech Mayhem is that it will land on Switch and PC on November 16th next week.However, it will land on Netflix later, Riot tells us European playersThis seems to indicate that the League of Legends relationship between Netflix and Riot will continue beyond the arcane series currently on air. It’s no surprise that the two want this relationship to continue, because the animated arcane series based on the League of Legends world is very well evaluated. The same goes for critics and fans.

While waiting for the release of Hextech Mayhem next week, read how Riot celebrated the League of Legends Netflix series Arcane throughout November, and then check out the trailer for the series. Learn how the League of Legends champion Jinx joined Fortnite after this.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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