The new Mass Effect is teased on N7 day, and the picture is loaded with a hint

November 7th is still BioWare fans celebrating the gaming holiday of their favorite space role-playing game “Mass Effect”.This year, BioWare released a Blog post Review the influence of the series and the legendary version of Mass Effect released this year.

The blog also detailed the new products that fans can buy, the sales of games, and even the new Steam emoticons with the theme of mass effect. A huge infographic shows the number of major choices chosen by the players of Mass Effect Legends. It shows that 15% of the people did not recruit Garrus, and 85% of the option we can’t calibrate our brain or our heart, throw that precious boy behind. However, the future was not mentioned until the end of the post, and it said: “Of course, we are working hard on the next adventure. Mass Effect universe. “However, we knew this after the premiere trailer for the Game Awards last year.

It seems that this is all about N7 this year.Until the picture below is Post on Twitter:

All kinds of speculations continue, thoughts and theories about every detail in the picture, from the type of ship parked in the lower part to the crew leaving it (one looks like Klogan, and the rest are in human form, just like most Play the same effect as the mass). The crater at the top of the image looks a lot like Geth’s head, and synthetic creatures may be eliminated by an ending in Mass Effect 3. Now, I am not an expert in this series, but the similarities are definitely there.

We will have to wait longer to confirm what exactly we are seeing here, but until then, we will be happy to see ecstatic fans comb through any information.

What do you see in the trailer? Is Geth sure to return to the ME universe? Does the art have any hints on how BioWare will connect the original trilogy to Andromeda? Can you pick other space races from the starship lineup? Please give us your best guess in the comments!