The new Metroid Fear trailer is the perfect game entry

Metroid is one of the most popular series in the game, and when a new item is released, it’s a big deal. We have seen some trailers highlighting her new abilities, and a few weeks ago, I wrote an opinion about why the next Metroid should draw inspiration from indie games, but if you find out that you need more Metroid Fear News , And then check out Nintendo’s latest trailer to explore some of the new enemies Samus will fight against, showcase some of her incredible abilities, and provide the experience of an incredible website waiting for players on the planet ZDR.

In June, Brian Shea discussed with developers why Metroid Dread development takes so long. The name “Metroid Dread” has been circulating since 2004. “When we came up with this idea, the hardware didn’t exist; the technical concept didn’t fit our vision,” Nintendo’s Yoshio Sakamoto, who worked as the producer of Metroid Dread, told us. “We had to pause. After a while, we started again, but for almost the same reason, we stopped again.”

Mercury Steam also produced Metroid: Return of Sams for Nintendo 3DS in 2017. In my review of the game, I said, “Sams Returns has enough unique content to feel like a worthy sequel. MercurySteam and the debut of the series are also a remake of AM2R with recent fans. There is a big difference, so fans should not hesitate to choose to put this rare gem on it. This may be Samus’s first 2D adventure in more than a decade, but it serves as a good reminder of why we started Fall in love with this series.” Hope we like Metroid Dread as well.

what do you think? Are you excited about putting on Samus’s Varia boots again? Tell us your level of hype in the comments!