The new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak details revealed at TGS 2021

Capcom’s speech at the Tokyo Game Show this morning was about Monster Hunter, showing new additions to existing games, such as Monster Hunter Story 2 and Monster Hunter Rise. However, all eyes are on the major expansion of Monster Hunter: Rise next summer.

The Sunbreak section introduced us to director Yoshitake Suzuki, who has been simultaneously leading the development of upcoming extensions and updates since the release. He introduced the new mysterious monster in the Sunbreak trailer as a new elder dragon named Malzeno, but this is all the information the developers are willing to disclose to the headline Wyvern.

We also got more information about Sunbreak and what players can expect as they explore its content. Suzuki confirmed that Sunbreak will bring master hunting to the game, bringing the hunter’s most difficult challenge to date. After completing the final story mission of Hunter Level 7, the player will leave the comfortable village from Rise and embark on a journey to the new hub area. We don’t know much about this new base, but Suzuki promised that the team will share more information in the coming months.

One of Sunbreak’s hunting locations will be the moonlight castle area, which debuted in the Nintendo Direct announcement trailer last week. At night, the sky and crumbling abandoned Gothic buildings in this area are painted with ominous red moonlight. As for other monsters, you must contend with them as you pass the master class. The giant crab beast shogun is returning to the main line series for a long time. Originally introduced in Monster Hunter 2, this Carapaceon monster wears a huge skull on its back for protection and uses its long, sharp pliers as a lethal weapon. Sunbreak will have many returning monsters, but these announcements will have to wait another day.

Those who wish to try the basic version of Rise on the Switch have enough time to do so before Sunbreak is released in 2022. During the demo, it announced that Rise will debut on PC in January and launch a demo in just a few weeks.