The new Sherlock Holmes chapter one trailer shows Sherlock’s quick thinking in battle

Sherlock Holmes does not rely solely on his keen observation ability and wisdom. As the new trailer for Sherlock Holmes’s first chapter proves, the world-famous detective sometimes had to take more practical ways to escape the furry situation, while his life was intact.

Sherlock may not always resort to violence, but he was a capable fighter when he was growing up in Chapter 1. Using his well-trained eyes and incredible perception ability, you can slow down time in battle to find out the enemy’s weaknesses and environmental hazards, which are useful to the enemy in battle. Every impact hurts the young Sherlock deeply, so using every dive, dodge, and dirty tricks, such as his powdered snuff bottle, is vital to the surviving encounter.

Although you can make your duke fight the enemy, sometimes you need more firepower than some gorgeous fists. Using a pistol in battle, Sherlock can fire protective armor before completing the final blow, whether it is to restrain and arrest criminals or directly kill them. Non-lethal methods are considered normative, although this option is open and can permanently knock down the enemy in a critical juncture.

By switching in the menu, you can completely avoid gun battles and eliminate battles for those who just want to focus on solving one or two good mysteries. Those looking for more challenging battles can visit various robber lairs, experience more powerful battle scenarios, and reward money to pay for Sherlock’s new equipment or upgrade his family’s mansion.

The first chapter of Sherlock Holmes brought the young detective’s first major adventure to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on November 16th, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will be released later.

How would you interpret the scenes in the trailer? Are you going to back down and shoot the enemy or do some boxing at close range? Or do you skip the shootout and insist on being the best detective? Let us know in the comments!