The new Starfield trailer reveals more background stories: bloody wars, violent space pirates and galactic mysteries

Starfield is the highly coveted flagship Microsoft-Bethesda game, which has been soaring under the attention of the gaming community for many years until its first trailer is shown at E3 in 2021. The early details are few and far apart, mainly emphasizing the functions/aspects we have anticipated: interstellar travel, planetary exploration, and the pleasure of adventure. However, the latest Starfield trailer teases more information about the game’s background and background story. Bloody wars, violent space pirates and the mysteries of the Milky Way are waiting for us to finally reach the stars next year. You can watch the movie below.

Bethesda design director Emil Pagliarulo described the new and informative Starfield editing, while conceptual art provided the visual background. “Our game is set in 2330,” Pagliarulo began. “In a relatively small pocket in the Milky Way; in an area extending about 50 light years from our solar system.” Pagliarulo continued, delving into what happened long before we (and our player character) joined the battle. . In 2310, the two largest/main factions that settled the galaxy-the United Colony and the Free Star Collective-were at war. This bloody struggle came to be called the “colonial war”, and the massacres left afterwards can still be felt today.

In fact, although peace is disturbing, settled galaxies are full of dangers, from looting space pirates to fanatical religious fanatics. And these are only human threats. If there are any alien species in the work, I want to know what they will bring. In any case, as the newest member of the “constellation”-an organization of explorers-you will travel across the entire galaxy (and possibly farther away?) to discover the secrets of the universe…or I think, or die. We will fly to a large group of planets in what Bethesda production and studio director Ashley Chang aptly calls the “Han Solo Simulator.”

Starfield will be launched for Xbox Series X/S and PC on November 11, 2022.

Are you excited about the new backstory? Do you think we will encounter aliens as we travel around the settled galaxy?