The New Witcher Season 2 trailer teases the upcoming war

Netflix released a new trailer for the upcoming second season That wizard As you might expect after the end of the first season, it teased the coming war.

This war will see Henry Cavill’s Livia Geralt (a.k.a. The Wizard), Freya Allen’s Hiri, Anya Chalotla’s Yenifu, and many more in this war. Shuttle among them, of course, while also fighting monsters and magic. As the trailer said, “something has changed” and the world becomes weird-there is a war where monsters roam freely when they should hibernate. For everyone who is not Geralt, this seems to be end. However, for Geralt, this is just a “horse**t” because he has already experienced the “three hypothetical doomsday.”

If one thing can be clearly seen from the trailer, it is that a war is coming, as Geralt pointed out in it, this is because the continent does not belong to anyone (although basically everyone is trying to make it Their.) Monsters designed by Kanye West, including Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver The whole thing was also played, and now we want to hear Jaskier’s interpretation of this song.

Speaking of Jaskier, everyone’s favorite bard has returned to Geralt. Geralt seems to have to pay bail or rescue him from prison, but even so, the wizard still needs him.We all know why it was season 2 That wizard Landed on Netflix on December 17th.

While waiting, take a look at this wizard The second season trailer Summer release, teasing a difficult journey of salvation, and then reading CD Projekt Red’s Witcher 3 is getting DLC ​​inspired by the Netflix series after that.

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