The New World is battling multiple errors, loopholes, and golden duplications

At first glance, New world It seems to be a standard MMO experience, including crafting, fighting, and killable monsters. But the game has a hidden weakness, and players are using it to gain various unscrupulous advantages.although New world There are many in-game PvP opportunities for players to compete in areas or duels with each other. It has also proved that there are many in-game opportunities to blind opponents or gain advantages by taking advantage of many errors in the game. Some developer Amazon’s fixes and patches have also caused additional player issues.

New world There were errors from the beginning; all MMOs will do. At first, the biggest problem with the game was that the player tried to enter the queue of the game.Then people noticed that they could Make their character impeccable By minimizing the game screen and dragging it.Amazon stepped in to solve this problem Patch 1.0.4, But new problems have emerged. These issues vary greatly between servers.Some communities have to Resort to barter economy Hoard as much wealth as possible during deflation, while other groups have found Get unlimited wealth through copying.

Even ordinary functions like chat boxes become untrustworthy. Fans on the Shinsekai subreddit report that other players can post HTML code in the chat to blind them or even disconnect other people from the game. “You can insert HTML code in the chat to display an image, and you can even kick out people who are hovering over a word,” Write User JanikFIGHT. Using the chat box is definitely an unscrupulous advantage Send a huge yellow square covering most of the screen. Use vulnerabilities even less rudely-like Send a picture of a huge sausage -Still immersed broken.

Image: Amazon Game Studio

This puts Amazon in a position to fix these errors, but the new patch may only add new issues. October 29th, Amazon Fix the picture posting error, Designed to make chat more secure and avoid such interruptions.On Monday, the developer released This news on the official MMO forum, The content is as follows:

We know that a possible gold reuse is already circling, and we temporarily disabled all forms of wealth transfer between players (ie sending currency, guild vaults, trading stations, player-to-player transactions).

Any player who participates in the use of this vulnerability will be prosecuted.

Once the gold replication vulnerability is investigated, we are ready to start wealth transfer again, and we will update this article.

Thank you for your understanding.

But now, it seems that this fix opens the way for another golden repeat error, Players flock to the official forum to report problems. main part New world Your settlement is being upgraded and become governor; however, players report that they can start the upgrade, see the gold coins accumulated in their company bank, and then… the upgrade has not started at all, which allows them to collect gold coins for free.

This is in addition to countless other errors that do not disrupt the game so much, such as Use of axe This allows players to easily end the game area solo.Some players are killing wild boars and fishing, while others are playing a completely different game, they try to see which elements of the game New world They can bend or break their advantages. From there, all developers can do is scramble to catch up.

In a forum post, a developer named Kay wrote: “I was sincere when I said [the glitch is] Not funny. We worked very hard to make those changes that address closed Beta exploits, and our work was completely ineffective for another issue that seemed to be exactly the same. We created this game for all of you, with questions like this, it seems that we are ignoring what we all consider to be a big problem, to make it look like we don’t care. We are very concerned. I am sorry that this happened. “