“The New World is not a customer authority,” Amazon says

Recently, an invulnerable vulnerability was discovered in the new world of Amazon’s massively multiplayer colonialism simulator. Although the patch has now been applied, this simple trick prevents the player from killing when moving the window where the new world is running. This started a discussion about whether the vulnerability is valid, because the new world is “client authoritative” and it trusts the reality of the game client’s version server, which would be a major flaw. Although the initial viral Twitter post on this issue has since been deleted, Others have explained it in detail.

Amazon is now New World Forum Explain that “New World is not customer authority”. Community manager Luxendra wrote, “From a simulation point of view, New World is completely server-based.” The input from the client is fully animated on the server, and the information is sent back only after the animation is completed. “We will not take shortcuts or roughly calculate this,” Luxendra wrote, “We do the complete physical details for all these actions. After receiving the results, whether it is a hit or a miss, the client will adjust its visual display to match The server’s display is determined. We have used some client-side techniques here to “stretch” the animation while the client is waiting for the server’s response, but the result is always based only on the server’s response.”