The new world ruins of the tower and how to defeat Foreman Holm

New World Relics of the Tower is part of the mission chain in Cutlass Keys and ends in a challenging battle.

However, it pays to see it through. You will get a unique rifle and a lot of extra experience to help you level up faster.

New World Ruins of the Tower-How to start the Ruins of the Tower

Once you reach level 28 and complete the quest to find the marauders in the dagger key, the remains of the tower will be unlocked. This is part of Shillie Duffy’s quest line, so talk to him when you are ready. We recommend carrying a powerful axe, giant axe or warhammer and food or potion at the end of the mission to handle the battle.

New World Ruins of the Tower-Ruins Location

The tower itself is located on an island in the middle of the rubble coast. It is surrounded by enemies, although you can ignore most of them at will before entering.

The relics are huge spheres located in glowing blue statues, which means they are almost impossible to miss. However, it takes time to interact with them, so you need to clear the skeleton archer before grabbing the relic.

Climb all the way up the tower, grabbing relics and loot boxes while walking. Once you reach the roof, make sure you are healed and ready to fight.

New World Relic of the Tower-Overwatch Holm

Loot the box on the central platform of the roof to obtain the assassin’s musket and trigger the appearance of Foreman Holm. It is another skeleton, but with heavy armor, a huge shield and a large spear. He is weak against lightning and strikes, but very strong against fire. Leave your firefighters at home for this battle.

Your goal is to reduce Holm’s armor through ruthless attacks. He will quickly restore his armor, so you will want to take a more reckless approach and take some blows to end the battle faster.

Report to Duffy afterwards and you will get

  • 1,730 experience
  • 101 gold
  • 20 Azot
  • 250 standing

This is the last task you get from Duffy in a while. The next business of the chain, Pirate Island, can only be unlocked when you reach level 40.

If you are struggling in this or other new world boss battles, please check out our selection Best build, And consider using some gems to increase your equipment to increase the effect. It may also be a good idea to make or upgrade your armor.